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The word “izakaya” means a place where one eats and drinks. We provide a relaxed place to hang out and enjoj our interpretation of a Japanese pub where you will enjoy sushi, “asian fusion” dishes with amazing wines, cocktails and beer.



IZAKAYA offers the possibility of organizing private dinners, events and renting the entire restaurant.

The space offers 2 possibilities to "separate" the floor for up to 30 people for private events, birthdays,...

We also offer the possibility of a special atmosphere with additional decorations, additional staff, special cakes and other options.

For all inquiries, please contact Dora:

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01 / 3333 66 0

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Pon - Čet: 11 - 23

Pet- Sub: 11 - 0

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Selska 90b,

10000 Zagreb,


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