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"Izakaya," which literally means "a place for eating and drinking," offers you a unique experience of enjoying fine Asian cuisine. Here, you can relax and indulge in excellent sushi and other culinary delights from Asia. Our creative cocktail menu, carefully selected wine list, and wide range of Japanese whiskeys will further enrich your gastronomic journey.



IZAKAYA offers the possibility of organizing private dinners, events and renting the entire restaurant.

The space offers 2 possibilities to "separate" the floor for up to 30 people for private events, birthdays,...

We also offer the possibility of a special atmosphere with additional decorations, additional staff, special cakes and other options.

For all inquiries, please contact Dora:

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01 / 3333 66 0

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Pon - Čet: 12 - 23

Pet- Sub: 12 - 0

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Selska 90b,

10000 Zagreb,


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